Industry Applicable Postgraduate Project Contest

Aim of "Industry Applicable Postgraduate Project Contest", which is organized between June 03-05 2008, is to announce and introduce widely the Master's Degree and PhD projects, which are of high quality, completed and can be applied on promising industry, and create a platform in which they can meet with national and international entrepreneurs willing to transform these projects into an economic value. 

In order to encourage and incant researchers in line with targets of the European Union, we created an environment, in which researchers that have completed their master's degree and doctorate can compete with their industry applicable dissertations. 

Our Foundation provided support of 50.000 TL to Ege University Rectorship to be used in the aforementioned project contest. 

Called as EBİLTEM in short, the contest was assessed in three categories. 

These are:

1. Science and Engineering

2. Health Sciences

3. Social Sciences

Projects that received the first prize in these categories:

1. Science and Engineering:

"Development and modelling of adjustment order ensuring parallelism to the ground in oscillating agricultural machines" of Caner Koç Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machines won the first prize. 

2. Health Sciences:

Esen Çoruh from Gazi University Faculty of Vocational Education "Cellular manufacturing system approach in ready-made enterprises" won the first prize. 

3. Social Sciences:

"DNA hybridization based electrochemical genosensor design towards clinical diagnosis" project of Pınar Kara Kadayıfçılar from Aegean University Faculty of Pharmacy, Analytic Chemistry USA Department won the second prize (no first prize was given).