Having founded one of the most deep rooted communities of the Turkish Industry, Elginkan Family took a very important decision in the first years of the half century old corporate culture:

"To establish foundation and contribute to education and cultural development of the Turkish people through income to be obtained from companies"

Founders of the Foundation, deceased Ümmehan Elginkan and decedent Hüseyin Ekrem Elginkan, and 8 companies affiliated with the Elginkan Community structured and realized this decision.

Aims of the Elginkan Foundation below carry a deep sense of loyalty and sincere social responsibility awareness:

To search our cultural values, customs, traditions and spiritual values that raised us in our culture, and our Turkish language, support, protect, keep alive and promote researches,

To encourage activities on science, technology and education,

To open and manage schools and educational institutions in order to contribute to training of the qualified manpower required by the national industry, and educational works that would create the employment opportunities of the country in this way."

In line with these aims:

Services and Investments in Vocational Training Field

Training activities in Elginkan Foundation Vocational and Technical Training Centres are carried out under 3 major topics as Development and Adaptation Courses, Vocational Courses and Total Quality Management Seminars.

Trainees are subjected to examination at the end of Development and Adaptation Courses, and successful trainees are awarded with 'Certificate of Achievement' approved by the Ministry of National Education. Participators of seminars are awarded with 'Seminar Participation Certificate' at the end of the seminar.

Educational Support Activities

Our Foundation donated to the Ministry of National Education and put into the service of the Turkish nation Cahit Elginkan Anatolian High School in İzmir (2005), Ümraniye Elginkan Foundation Kindergarten Building (2005), Maltepe E.C.A. Elginkan Anatolian High School (2008), Küçükyalı E.C.A. Elginkan Primary School (2010), Ümmehan Elginkan Girl2s Dormitory and Cafeteria building and Hüseyin Cahit Elginkan Sports Hall with their furbishing and environmental planning completed.

Moreover, It had Ekrem Elginkan High School build in İstanbul in 2006 and donated it to İstanbul Technical University Rectorate.

Another educational support is scholarship programs.

Scholarship Programs:

Elginkan Foundation put its Scholarship Program into practice by 2005 in order to support students, who receive education at undergraduate level, are successful and have insufficient financial status. Scholarship program is applied in İstanbul Technical University, İstanbul University, Middle East Technical University, Boğaziçi University, Ege University, Yıldız Technical University and Celal Bayar University.

Moreover, our Foundation, in line with the aim, is implementing a program, which is carried out together with the Turkish Language Association and includes granting scholarship to Ph.D. students. In this program, we provide scholarship opportunity to students, who do doctorate in "Turkish Language and Literature" departments of universities and are deemed suitable by the Turkish Language Association.

Investments in Science, Culture and Technology

- Elginkan Foundation Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards

Elginkan started a new implementation in 2006 and formed "Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards" in order to support researches, studies and services in Turkish Culture and Technology area.

Turkish Culture Research and Technology Award is given to researcher or researcher group, who has provided contribution to the Turkish culture and our language in real terms through unique researches and works on our cultural values, customs, traditions and spiritual values that raised us in our culture, and our Turkish language, or improvement of previous researches and works.

Technology award is given to researcher or researcher group, who has provided contribution to the technology in real terms by developing new product, technique or technology based production processes.

Elginkan Foundation Turkish Language and Literature Conference

Subject of "Elginkan Foundation Turkish language and Literature Conference", which will be organized in 2013 for the first time, is determined is "Turkish from the Past to the Future". Aim of the Conference is to reveal the changes and developments, which Turkey has experienced from the oldest era until now, and make predictions regarding its future.

Along with that, our Foundation provides support as the main sponsor in award competition projects, which are developed by universities in order to support entrepreneurship and innovation towards technology based products and services.

In line with its aims, Elginkan Foundation continues its support for Turkish culture and Turkish language, science and technology and education with an increasing enthusiasm and is honoured to serve the Turkish nation.