2007 Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards

"2007 Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards", which was organized by the Elginkan Community for the second time in order to keep Turkish cultural heritage alive, and reveal and encourage researches of scientists conducted in the area of Turkish Culture and Technology, found their owners.

Elginkan Foundation awarded two more giant projects this year with the first Turkish "Information Search Engine" like Google, and the work "Turkish World Common Literature" composed of 31 volumes.

Elginkan Foundation "Turkish Culture Research and Technologies Awards" are awarded in two branches. In "Turkish Culture Research" branch, the project titled as "Turkish World Common Literature", in which literary works in different dialects and information and documents on literary persons from more than 20 Turkish states and communities are gathered, was deemed worthy of award. In "Technology" branch, the first Turkish Google like "Information Search Engine" project thanks to its technology developed for Turkish use, which is supported by the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey, was deemed worthy of award.

Owners of the award winning projects in both branches were awarded with 35.000 TL by the Elginkan Foundation.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Elginkan Foundation Prof. Dr. Halim Doğrusöz, Boğaziçi University Rector Prof. Dr. Ayşe Soysal and the President of the Turkish Language Association Prof. Dr. Ş. Haluk Akalın participated in the award ceremony with their speeches, and many guests from universities, scientific areas and business world attended.

Awards were given in Turkish World Common Literature branches to the Supreme Institute Chairman Prof. Dr. Saduk Tural within the Institute of Language and History, Atatürk Cultural Centre, and to the research group serving in AGMLAB Bilişim Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti., which realizedthe "Information Search Engine" in Technology branch .

Giant work DPT took place also in investment program

Within the Turkish World Common Literature project, Turkish Republic, Independent Turkish Republics, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Russia, China, Iraq, Syria Europe and Australia took part. With the project, literary texts, which are the most definitive documents proving the partnership between Turkish communities living in these countries based on language, history and culture, and persons who prepared them were collected in a single work. Composed of 31 volumes and 17.270 pages, "Turkish World Common Literature" project has the feature of being the single and the most important source in its field. Presented to DPT, the project was included in the scope of investment program.

First Turkish Search Engine

With project, which is the first Turkish Information Search Engine, we aim to develop a technology, which supports language features for Turkish content, offers quality content services, and can provide local service in Turkey and other countries in which Turkish is spoken. is supported by TTGV and TÜBİTAK Chairmanship of Technology and Innovation Support Programs (TEYDEB).