Elginkan Foundation became the Main Supporter of Boğaziçi University New Dreams and Innovative Thoughts Student Project Contest also in 2012.

Award Ceremony of "New Dreams and Innovative Thoughts" contest, which has been organized since 2008 by Boğaziçi University under the Elginkan Foundation Main Sponsorship, and encourages university students to produce and realize new ideas, was organized in Boğaziçi University in December 6 2012.

 Aiming to reveal and support Technological Innovation Business Ideas, the competition gives young brains the opportunity to transform their dreams into business ideas in line with criteria of innovativeness and commercial feasibility while awarding innovative business ideas of university students, which are technology based and can be transformed into product and service.

In opening speeches, Manager of the Elginkan Foundation İlhan Üttü said the following: As a person from the generation, which grew up with the mentality of "Kid, sit where you are and don't come up with unnecessary ideas' and "Don't teach an old dog new tricks", it now gives me great pride to be the Manager of a foundation that supports those who come up with new ideas. It is a very beautiful thing to share something with you here every year.  Being hardworking and making a lot of inventions by not departing from the path of Atatürk, who drew the road of contemporary civilization, is what we expect from you.

In the program İrfan Sayar, who is known with the character Prof. Zihni Sinir he created, and is a technology enthusiast caricaturist and designer, spiced up the ceremony award with his presentation.

Awards are given in General and Automotive categories in the competition which is organized on the subjects of Innovative Technological Business Idea.

In 2012, Elginkan Foundation First Prize (25.000 TL) was given to Phisto Human Protein Interactions Database and Second Prize (15.000 TL) was given to Faredirfare- Youth Radio.

Since no project worth of Bosch Awards could be found, 2.000 TL Encouragement Award was given to Parmarş-Finger Print Reader Starting System.

Karel Award (20.000 TL) was given to Neurolize- Taste and Smell Perception in Neuromarketing software application.

Airties Award (5.000 TL) was given to Especta- Search engine for the person to enlighten public opinion polls.