New Ideas New Businesses - 2012 Concluded.

Turkey knows no limits from defense to health.

Final of New Ideas New Businesses Contest on November 24, which started to be organized by METU and METU Teknokent 8 years ago, and has arrived today by growing, witnesses great excitement.

In the final, in which projects developed by young entrepreneurs competed fiercely, Dentofast team, which was deemed worthy of the Grand Prize of the Elginkan Foundation, the main sponsor of the contest, received 100.000 TL award with its dental health project.

While 75.000 TL Grand Prize of the Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries was given to "Bee Eye" project, which will create an important power on defense of Turkey, Javatar team won 75.000 TL Türk Telekon Grand Prize with its project for the handicapped.  Each three project implies important developments in their own fields.

In the last 7 years, 20 project teams selected among YFYİ Contest finalist groups established companies in METU Teknokent and all material and spiritual support for them to be successful was provided.  Giant corporations such as the Elginkan Foundation, Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries, Türk Telekom, Denizbak, Intel, Aselsan and OSTİM provide support to New Ideas New Businesses Contest, which is followed with attention growing each year.

 Health and communication projects created tremendous impression this year.

 With its Dentofast project, Isırgan Team was deemed worthy of the Grand Prize of the Elginkan Foundation, the main sponsor of the contest, and was awarded with 100.000 TL, which is the biggest award of the contest.  In addition to orthodontics (tooth disorder) treatment, which last between 18 and 36 months in average, the product is a mouthpiece model, which the patient can apply at home, work and holiday by himself.  Thanks tı its special bio-silicone structure, this mouthpiece transmits micro vibration to patient's teeth at critical frequency and force values.  This vibration enables tooth to move faster and more comfortably during brace applied treatment by increasing the blood mobility in dental roots.   This mouthpiece, which can be used by the patient by himself, shortens the treatment process by 30-50% when used for 15-20 minutes a day.  Another feature of the device is that it reduces the dental pain the patient experiences during orthodontics treatment.  This makes it a critical product for thousands of orthodontics patient.

Competing in Defense Industry Category of the contest, TIM team left its mark on the contest by winning Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries Grand Prize (75.000 TL), Denizbank Special Award (25.000 TL) and Aselsan Special Award (25.000 TL).  With the Bee Eye Project, 3D high resolution distance sensor systems will be developed and these will be used in land vehicles and aircrafts.  Thus, it will be possible to distinguish-detect target for ammunition, and detect the angle of incidence and direction of bullets or rockets fired at land vehicles, and MANPAD (anti aircraft missile) detection will be possible in helicopters.  Bee Eye systems will not only be limited to defense industry, but it will also be possible to use them in development of control-free interface in home appliances.  Along with that, it will also be possible to use the system in areas in automotive sector such as accident prevention, parking assistance, autopilot appliances and passenger separation (parent-child).

Javatar team was the champion of Informatics and Telecommunication Category, in which Türk Telekom Grand Prize is given.  The team won 75.000 TL award with the project it developed for the handicapped.  Thanks to the project developed by Javatar team, an alternative communication device will be built for the speech handicapped.  Writing can be transformed into voice in a much more developed manner than current systems.  Speech handicapped can communicate much easier with this system. You can also benefit from this system, which also has an infrastructure much more developed than current systems, in different areas such as e-book reading, ATM and kiosk applications.

Innovative projects shared awards

Other projects deemed worthy of award are; the software based acoustic underwater communication system developed by Algı team that received the Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries Second Prize (10.000 TL), smart calling assistant developed by PragmaCraft team that received Türk Telekom Second Prize (10.000 TL) and Intel Special Prize (25.000 TL), which can unerstand calls made by users on Internet, answer them and display proper results, and the health product developed by OE team that received OSTİM Special Award (25.000 TL), which enables use of robotic systems in implant treatments.

There was very high attendance to the award ceremony held in METU Cultural and Congress Centre.  METU Rector Mr.  Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar, Undersecretary for Defense Industry Mr.  Murad Bayar, Elginkan Foundation Manager Mr. İlhan Üttü, Aselsan General Manager Mr.  Cengiz Ergeneman, Deniz Bank General Manager Mr. Hakan Ateş, OSTİM Chairman Mr. Orhan Aydın, INTEL Turkety Corporate Relations Manager Mr. Ferruh Gürtaş and Türk Telekom R&D Director Mr.  Enis Erkel joined and took place in presentation of awards in the final day, which received deep interest of academicians, investors, entrepreneurs, students and businessmen.