New Ideas New Businesses - 2011 Concluded.

"New Ideas New Businesses" Contest, which was organized for the seventh time this year in order to enable university students to develop their technology based ideas and provide the first step support to technology companies of the future, was concluded.

Final of the contest, which was organized by METU and our Foundation was the main sponsor of, was held in December 19 2011 in METU Cultural and Congress Centre.  The ceremony, in which seven projects, which made it to the finals among 500 applications from students with entrepreneurial spirit studying in various universities in Turkey, competed, was organized with the participation of students and academicians.

In speeches made following the project presentations of students, Elginkan Foundation Manager İlhan Üttü emphasized the importance of the day once more by saying: "It makes us very happy that our support, which we started in 2005 and have been continuing with a great desire and determination since then, has triggered other supports in recent years and the frame of the contest has grown considerably.  Creating new ideas, aiding and supporting creators, transforming a new idea into a new business and developing it. Each of them is a separate success and energy".

With their capillaroscope project, Kaleidoscope team, as the champion of the contest, won 75.000 TL Elginkan Foundation Technology award and the right to have office in METU Teknokent for three years. 

With the Capillaroscope project of Kaleidoscope team, it will be possible to perform early diagnosis of several diseases showing specific symptoms thanks to this system, which is an optical device designed to obtain capillary vessel images located in the border of nail bed.  While it is possible to obtain real time vessel images with this system, it will also be possible to obtain detail information regarding vessel structure since blood flow information is also provided.

Kaleidoscope team also won 50.000 TL Türk Telekom Grand Prize.  Heavy Science team won the Defence Industry Grand Prize with their project titled YEF. Moreover, Nanosis team won 10.000 TL second prize with its Mobial project, while Powermems team won the second prize in informatics and telecommunication category.  Powermems also won 25.000 TL INTEL Special Award.  Ultravision became the owner of 25.000 TL OSTİM special award with its Ultralight project.