2013 Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards

We organized on February 28 2014 in Kabataş Educational Foundation, Hamdi Saver Conference Hall the award ceremony of the eighth application of Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards, which was realized in 2006 for the first time by our Foundation in order to support researches, works and services in Turkish culture and technology area.

3 researchers shared the Elginkan Foundation Turkish Culture Research Award.

Prof. Dr. Mübahat Kütükoğlu for her book titled "Language of the Ottoman Documents" resulting from her studies she conducted in the Ottoman archive in particular, and British, Italian and American archives, as well as her superior service and contributions to the Turkish culture,

Prof. Dr. Ali Birinci for his contributions to the Turkish cultural history with the scientific researches and publishing he has performed, and

Servet Somuncuoğlu, for detecting the codes of development process of Turkishness and Turkish ageing thousands of years from Siberia to Anatolia with a superior effort, and offering these findings to the use of the world and Turkishness science, were deemed worthy of the award.

Prof. Dr. Erdal Çelik and Dr. Mustafa Erol won the Elginkan Foundation Technology Award with their project titled "Production and Industrial Appliances of Heat Radiating Electronic Nanocomposite Materials for Heating Systems".