2012 Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards

"Turkish Culture Research and Technology" awards, which was organized this year by the Elginkan Foundation for the 7th time in order reveal and encourage technologies and researches conducted by scientists and appreciate the services they have made to the world of science and culture, found their owners.

Elginkan Foundation Turkish Culture Research Award was shared between 3 researchers, while Technology Award was share between 2 project teams.

Marmara University Rector Prof. Dr. M. Zafer GÜL and also leading names of the scientific and cultural world, Elginkan Foundation Chairman Gaye AKÇEN and esteemed managers of the Elginkan Foundation attended the ceremony held in Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus Prof.Dr.Nihat Sayar Conference Hall.

3 researchers shared the Elginkan Foundation Turkish Culture Research Award.

Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin for his contributions to the Turkish science and cultural history,

Prof. Dr. Orhan Okay for his contributions to the Turkish Literature, and Prof. Dr. Cem Dilçin for his contributions to the Old Turkish Literature and Lexicography studies

were deemed worthy of the award.

 2 project teams shared the Elginkan Foundation Technology Award.

 The team composed of Osman Okur, Emin Okumuş, Fatma Gül Boyacı San, Fatih Genç, Yalçın Solak, Orhan Kütük, Murat Demirci, Betül Erdör Türk, Mehmet Bahar, Aydın Canbaşa and Selahattin Uysal with its project "BORMOBILE-Sodium Borohydride Fuel Battery-operated Vehicle".

 The team, which established İTÜ-MEMS R&D Centre and is composed of Assoc. Dr. Levent Trabzon and Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Kızıl for their studies they have conducted in this Centre,

were deemed worthy of Elginkan Foundation Awards.

We granted 50.000 TL cash award for each to winning researchers in Turkish culture and technology areas.