2011 Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards

We organized in 2011 the sixth application of Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards, which was realized in 2006 for the first time by our Foundation in order to support researches, works and services in Turkish culture and technology area.

In Turkish Culture Research Branch:

1- Prof. Dr. Ali Akyıldız for his researches and works he has provided particularly in history, and his contributions to our culture,

2- Yücel Feyzioğlu with his fairy tale books, which he wrote with a plain Turkish in order for our children abroad to read Turkish and establish bonds with our culture,

3- Nevzat Kösoğlu for his services and contributions to the Turkish language and culture,

4- Prof. Dr. İsmail Erünsal for his scientific studies he has conducted in Old Turkish Literature, Cultural History, Librarianship and Record Keeping;

In Technology Branch:

Prof. Dr. Figen Kadırgan with her project titled "Prototype Production of Nano Coatings Transforming Solar Energy into High Efficiency Heat by Wrapping from Roller to Roller"

were deemed worthy of Elginkan Foundation Awards.

We granted 50.000 TL cash award for each to winning researchers in Turkish culture and technology areas.