Meeting 2014

Third of the Elginkan Foundation Schools Day-Meeting was held in May 3 2014 in the garden of the E.C.A. Elginkan Anatolian High School in Hüseyin Cahit Elginkan Sports Hall, which was again built by our Foundation.

Through "MEETING", it is aimed that the schools built by our Foundation get to know each other and a warm bond is established, and purposes and culture of the Foundation are introduced to schools.

The ceremony started with the opening speech of E.C.A. Elginkan Anatolian High School Principle Nurettin Sarı.

In the ceremony, Foundation Manager İlhan Üttü said:

"4000 students educate and build their futures in these schools, which Elginkan Foundation has built and put into the service of the Turkish nation.

The fact that these students come together and get to know each other, i.e. meet as understood from the name of the activity, is important for us. Meeting aims to ensure loyalty of our children to each other.

We take pride in organizing this ceremony, third of which we are organizing, in this sports hall, which we brought into service and to which we gave the name of our Hüseyin Cahit Elginkan, one of our founders."

In the organization, Best FM presenter Mr. Cem Arslan made a speech. In his speech, he said he had just heard about the activities of the Elginkan Foundation and all services gave pride and hope for our country.

Performances, which were prepared by our students with great effort and sacrifice, not only made us happy, but also gave us hope. Our children and youth prepared very beautiful shows with little support within their heavy class loads. We both thank our students and teachers.