Postgraduate Scholarships

Non-refundable scholarship is provided to students doing master degree (thesis master's degree and doctorate) in institutes affiliated with universities, who are successful and have limited financial possibilities. It is obligatory that undergraduate graduation grade point average of student be 3.00/4.00 or 75/100 for master's degree with thesis, and master's degree grade point average be minimum 3.20/4.00 or 80/100 for PhD. Contribution of academic background and subject of postgraduate education to cultural development of our country and scientific and technological development of industry is considered.

OTHER CONDITIONS AND CHARACTERISTICS It is obligatory at the date of application for Foundation scholarships that candidates be not over the age of 22 at undergraduate education level; 26 at master's degree with thesis level; and 28 at Ph.D. level. 2 years are added to male candidates that served in military for long term. Candidates are asked for a letter of recommendation addressing to the Foundation, which they will receive by demanding from thesis consultants or other lecturers, in applications for postgraduate scholarships.