Ar Musluk aims to increase market share of E.C.A. branded medium and economic segment product groups by appealing product designs. In line with this purpose, the quality and variety of AR and YAK branded products are being improved.
Recenty, plumbing materials and accessories sector has significantly increased its product variety with technological developments. Aesthetic and functionality standards of products have also increased. Since the expectations of customers are essential, modernist and aesthetic concepts have become more important in sector.  Global manufacturers have reformed their R&D and marketing strategies as a result of changing competition and customer preferences, and, interested in kitchen and bathroom concepts along with producing more economically. As a result they diversified their product line.

While such developments were taking place, AR MUSLUK managed to become one of the brands that flourished with its quality and product range.  Founded in 1965, AR MUSLUK has been a modern operational example for Turkish industry.  Manufacturing plumbing materials and accessories, the company is acting in parallel with E.C.A. principles and guidelines. 

Company carries out its production activities with its assembly line in Manisa. Together with the supports of the approved vendors company produces single and double handle standard faucets, mixed faucets and various taps. Performing manufacturing process without compromising the quality perception of the group and functionality, Ar Muslukçuluk is one of the most powerful brand on the market with its TSE product quality certified AR and YAK brands.