ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY took the first steps to contribute Turkish economy by establishing a financial cooperation during 1970’s World economic crisis. Being one of the main investor companies of the ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY, ELPER was founded in 1978.

Purpose and Activity

- Contribution to the national economy by participating in investments and financing stock Corporations.

- Assesment of investments which have the potential to profit through funds it will generate within itself.

- Giving warnings from central system regarding investment, financing, technology selection, organization, management and supervision in development of economic life, thus ensuring development of companies that are and will be established.

- Acting upon develeopment of economic life by establishing foundations in parallel with economic developments or taking social actions by participating in such foundations.

- Buying equties and shares of joint stock or limited liability companies established for every kind of commercial, industrial, agricultural and financial purposes, and maintain further financial procedures.

- Pledging for credits of companies as a shareholder or as a partner.