ECA is aware of the fact that sustainability and quality of life depends on sustainable natural resources. In this respect, ECA minimizes the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, saves energy and raw material in manufacturing process.

The R&D Team of E.C.A. have focused on designing water-saving products and also developing their designs and technologies in conformity with this practice. It is a known fact that 20 percent of 6 billion people around the world do not have access to safe water resources. It is anticipated that climate change and the world population growing up to 7 billion will have water scarcity by the year 2050, and that 2 out of every 3 individuals will be facing water shortages in the future. With awareness of this fact, E.C.A. is dedicated to develop water-friendly products and technologies.

With an exclusive range of products designed to reduce water consumption, E.C.A. offers water-saving solutions to users in areas where water consumption is at its highest. Saving up to 70% of water, you can conserve 100 tons of water on average in your kitchen and bathroom every year.

Conservation of natural resources is a responsibility that should be taken by every individual and entity. E.C.A. provides a 20-year warranty for mixers. Every step taken to minimize consumption and conserve natural resources is an investment in the future.


Thanks to the exclusive Hygiene Plus coating designed with the unparalleled nano-technology, E.C.A. products guarantee safe contact surfaces, minimizing the water and detergent consumption for cleaning and conserving the nature. Hygiene Plus feature of E.C.A. offers a combination of maximum hygiene and maximum saving.

E.C.A. mixers are offered in special eco-friendly packages and manufactured by using environmentally safe dyes and recycled products. These eco-friendly practices save around 4.500 trees every year. E.C.A. packages are designed in minimum sizes so that eco-friendly transportation is made possible with minimum package volume and consequently less carbon emission.


Eco-friendly products and technologies of E.C.A. include the following:

  • Water-saving mix taps; reduce water consumption by 55% as compared to a standard basin mixer.
  • Easy-Wash Infrared Basin Mixers; prevent excessive water consumption and offers less flow as compared to other water-saving mixers.
  • Thermostatic Mixers; prevent unnecessary energy and water consumption while adjusting water temperature.
  • Water-saving special faucets;help you fine tune ideal water amount and temperature.
  • Self-Closing Taps; are designed to automatically shut off the flow of water after a pre-set time, ensuring water saving.
  • Cold Running Mixer taps; supply cold water, helping you save energy when you do not need hot water.
  • Water-saving bath accessories;offer ergonomic bath time experience saving water.


With unique designs, enhanced functions, efficient material use, and solutions saving water and energy for sustainability, E.C.A. has been striving to leave a better world to future generations and inviting you to become a part of the sustainable life.